Tech + human talent, the optimal combo

Artificial intelligence developments such as ChatGPT have made a stunning impact on the world – record-setting numbers of app downloads and active users: content creation and even gist translation at the touch of a button.

But does this convenience come at a cost?

While outputs initially appear encouraging, delve deeper and the generated content clearly has flaws: a scattergun approach to harvesting data from multiple sources…misinformation, hallucinations, echo chambering, serious issues with data confidentiality (since large language models’ evolving learning depends on harnessing – not understanding or evaluating – input data).

I evaluate ChatGPT outputs as a good start to the content creation process, but – just like machine translation – the outputs need careful evaluation, correction, and localisation. And that’s where human intelligence and experience nicely dovetails with the tech – a symbiosis of convenience and quality.

I can edit and improve existing AI outputs (corrected, stylised, localised), and even provide creative insights and support (ChatGPT outputs depend on the quality, phrasing and accuracy of inputs – prompting delivers better content).

Where can AI copy editing add value?

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Style, tone, and target

I personalise and localise generic AI for your target audience to deliver your message and branding to reflect your unique values.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

I rework your content to ensure optimal online performance – based on your preferred SEO words and phrases or my own research.

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Unique, not generic

AI can only do, not think. Coming up with original and compelling ideas behind persuasive copy is distinctly human – even in the age of AI.

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Quality, structure and logic

AI output can be uneven, repetitive and illogical. I can optimize the content so that everything makes perfect sense.

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