AI copy editing

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Bring your AI-generated content to life. Get the very best results with my copy editing service that brings human warmth to cold machine output.


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When you need more than just translation. All customer-facing creative content benefits from this stylish localisation service – ad copy, brochures, websites…


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Accurate SK-EN and CZ-EN translations with native English word choices and sentence structures – includes bilingual revision and proofreading.

Content creation

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Looking to build your brand’s reputation, grow your web presence or improve search rankings? Original and compelling content will boost your brand.


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Everything from creative copy editing, rewriting and proofreading to pre-print check will ensure that your content is all ready for the big stage.

Management coaching

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Why risk being tongue-tied for a key meeting or speech? I can help you perfectly prepare for your presentation with one-to-one meetings.